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If we had a tagline, it would be « WE’VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT YOU. » It’s what we do, it’s how we work and it informs every aspect of our interaction with a client. Each and every project starts life in our strategy Atelier. A brand’s online proposition and positioning, a French fashion house’s approach to the UK market or vice versa, a collaboration between two complementary clients, are just some examples of our strategy based approach.


Overseen by co-founder Kate Davis, the Atelier benefits from her knowledge and understanding of both the UK and French markets.


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Creative excellence is at the heart of everything we do. Campaign PHOTOGRAPHY, contextualised e-commerce visuals, online STORIES, social media FILMS and cinemagraphs bring our brands to life. Our family of photographers, film makers, stylists and writers ensures a direct line from our STRATEGIC ADVICE to the final CREATIVE OUTPUT.


Overseen by co-founder Alexandra Perrin, the creative Atelier is based in Paris, drawing inspiration from the city’s unique fashion heritage and artistic expertise.


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Creating beautiful online experiences to BRING a fashion or lifestyle brand’s identity and offering TO LIFE without ever losing sight of the commercial objectives of an e-commerce platform is one of the central challenges faced by our clients. We design websites that do just that.


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Our production Atelier supports all of our CREATIVE PROJECTS and allows us to GUARANTEE THE RESULTS of each step of the creative process.